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Improper disposal of municipal solid waste (MSW)

is a serious health concern. Landfills around India are

bursting out seams and continued practice of dumping will

require millions of hectares of land in the coming decade.

Not only a serious insanitary issue, landfills severely pollute air

and water leading to epidemics of vector-borne diseases,

spread by rodents and insects. Unmanaged MSW is disastrous

to our planet Earth, releasing greenhouse gases and

contaminated leachate generated from water percolating

through disposal sites, accumulating contaminants,

and moving into subsurface areas.

Under Swachh Bharat (“Clean India Mission”) process of collecting and treating solid waste is critical.  However, solid-waste management presents complex technical challenges requiring attention to details on a a wide variety of administrative, economic, and social problems.

Based on the principle of “Circular Economy”, I3X’s ISWM (Integrated Solid Waste Management) employs modern waste management practices of sorting, treating, recycling of waste to manufacture useful products and converting large part of waste into energy. Our ISWM focuses on transforming current practices adopted by the unorganized sector to technology-driven, modern management approach toMSW.  Driven by environment and sustainable goals,  our mission is to address severe environment problems for “greater good”:


– Health and hygiene issues for our communities


– Safe and proper work practices for hygiene workers


– Formalised work roles and labour practices (e.g., standard minimum basic pay, improved working conditions, social equality)


– Cleaner, greener environment aiding efforts to reduce global warming.

CUBE Bio Energy: Team

Umamaheswara Reddy

Promotor and Managing Director, Cube bio-Energy

SRKKSJ Raja Bahadur

Director, Cube bio-Energy


CTO & CCO, Cube bio-Energy

Srinadha Reddy Modugula

Director, Cube bio-Energy