Board of Directors

DR.ManoJ jain

Director: Ideation3x


Investor Director: Ideation3x

MR.SIva Subramaniam

Director: Ideation3x, Unison i3X , Medical Innovation, 2 Degrees Clicon

MR.RamKumar Talluri

Managing Director: Unison i3x
Director: Medical Innovation, 2 Degrees Clicon

MR.Ramesh Jain

Director: Unison i3x, Medical Innovation

CUbe bio energy

MR.Uma maheswara Reddy

Director: Cube Bio Energy

MR.SRKKSJ Raja Bahadur

Director: Cube Bio Energy

MR.Srinadha Reddy

Director: Cube Bio Energy

Medical Innovation

MR.Puneeth Reddy

Director: Medical Innovation

2 Degrees Clicon


Director: 2 Degrees Clicon

MR.Vikas Agarwal

Director: 2 Degrees Clicon

MR.Sheetal Agarwal

Director: 2 Degrees Clicon

Chairman Report

In last 200 years, the global human population has grown from about 1 billion to close to 8 billion today. Growth of human population, large scale industrialization and addiction to fossil fuel is leading build-up of greenhouse gases and global warming. Climate change is a “crisis multiplier” that has profound implications for international peace and stability.


Solutions that make impact

India produces 170KTPD of Municipal Solid Waste that needs to be treated and disposed.  Government of India has undertaken nationwide cleanliness drive to clean up all cities, towns and villages improving health and hygiene, thus reducing mortality rates directly related to poor sanitation. However, pollution has proven to be much more fatal than the pandemic (e.g., over 2.4 million deaths in 2019 due to pollution as compared to 524,000 deaths due to Covid-19).