Plastic is a global threat despite its usefulness. Single-use plastic is only partially recycled and is dumped in oceans or landfills. The oceans are predicted to have more plastic than fish by 2050. In India, about 50 billion plastic bags, equivalent to about billion litres of fuel oil, are discarded every year. Tyres used for cars, trucks, tractors, mining machinery, earth moving equipment, aeroplanes, bicycles, and rickshaws get discarded when worn out. India’s huge amount of plastic and rubber waste urgently needs to be addressed.

Plastics capture around half of the carbon that is used to produce them and hence is a valuable resource. Plastics have higher calorific value than coal or paper and have the potential to be useful raw materials to replace fossil fuels.

2 Degrees Clicon (2DC), a portfolio company of I3X, is an alternative fuel company that specializes in creating alternatives to fossil fuels with patent-pending technologies. Based in Hyderabad, India, we have four industrial units to convert end-of-life plastics to fuel. Our award-winning alternative fuels have attracted businesses that are geared to being sustainable and environmentally conscious. With innovation as our competitive advantage, 2DC offers EPR (Extended Producers’ Responsibility) related solutions. These EPRs and carbon credits will greatly help businesses in polluting industries to fulfill their mandatory obligations.

2 Degrees Clicon: Team

Vikas agarwal

CEO & Director, 2 Degrees Clicon

sheetal agarwal

Co-CEO & Director, 2 Degrees Clicon